Save the mankind

Which was the last movie you watched at multiplex?

When did you last dine at your favourite multi cuisine restaurant?

When was your last visit to shopping mall for shopping and fun?

When did you last eat a vada pav from your favourite road side vendor?

When did you last go out for a long drive with your family?

When did you last fly out of your city for official or personal work?

How long it has been since you last had your hair cut?

When was your last visit to gym?

When was it that you last watched a live concert or a sporting event?

How long have you been enduring your toothache ?

I think the question of all the above will be running into months, the only hope being that this figure of months should not convert into year(s). But given some heartache here and there, we have all managed to survive the answers to the above questions, but there are certain more sensitive and emotional questions, answers to which we are all seeking –

When will I meet my daughter or son living abroad or my aged parents if I am living abroad?

When shall I breath freely in open air with no masks, no distancing and no fear?

When will that life that I used to call “routine” return and the things will be normal?

Never come across a malady that keeps us away from our nears and dears, doesn’t allow us to do things that we love to do and aims at changing the basic trait of being social that human beings are all about!

Can’t go out, can’t do a stuff !

Is this a reality or has nature called a bluff?

Even the strongest are feeling the impact of covid

No one can face it endlessly as no one is so tough!

Hoping against hope for a cure and a vaccine – come on Patanjali, Glenmark, Pfizer or anyone else! Save the mankind!

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