Corona virus- 2

India has declared Corona virus to be a national disaster. Just heard that Cr PC 144 has been promulgated that bars assembly of more than 4 persons. Already offices are allowing work from home, invoking backup contingency plans (BCP) for the activities that cannot be carried out from home, have banned international travel and severely restricted domestic travel. Schools are being closed and so are the malls and cinema halls. Haven’t seen such an emergency in my lifetime at least.

Social media are replete with preventive measures and possible cures as also rumours. People can be seen wearing masks and wherever one goes, one is welcomed guess with what? Hand sanitiser! There’s fear all around and I think public at large is at wits end about how it all is going to end?

There’s popular singer Narendra Chanchal praying to Mother Durga to save the world from Corona, while a former colleague, who has since taken to Sanskrit and Bhagvad discourse full time has penned Corona Kawatch in Sanskrit literally meaning “Protection from Corona”.

On personal front, a mild round of common cold almost drove me to panic and if I hadn’t felt relief on the second day, I was almost on the verge of going to Kasturba Hospital for test, such is the extent of dread!

Mankind has always faced adversities

Wars that have ravaged them

And diseases that have killed millions

It’s been quite often rather than seldom!

When we thought that advancement in science

Has almost eradicated all the causes of misery

From nowhere emerged this demon called Corona virus

Will it make the mankind a history?

Small small things that concern hygiene

Can save us from this disaster

Let’s be aware, careful, alert

And Corona will be a slave and man the master!!!

I will go to office and observe the rules of hygiene and live each day as it comes. I will pray and hope that like all the adversities, we shall overcome this too and emerge winners!

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