Life is so fragile

(1) Around this time last year, we were euphoric, planning our maiden US trip. Travel package was booked, VISA was obtained and last minute finishing touches were being finalised for the visit to be undertaken in July. Come May and we were faced with a grave personal challenge in the form of my wife’s brother having been diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic cancer of unknown origin. It’s been almost 1 year now and the battle is still on to buy a lease of life for him.

(2) My brother, who had planned a 10 days trip to China had to cancel all his plans following the Coronavirus attack that started from Wuhan district of China, but now already has more than 100000 people across continents in its throes. India, with its overcrowded cities and public transport is highly vulnerable to this epidemic unless the divine power saves us from this malaise.

(3) An acquaintance, in fact a close friend, had finalised a great property deal for which he had to pay an upfront amount of Rs5 lac forthwith (the seller was in a great deal of hurry to seal the deal , as he was migrating to US shortly), but his bank was imposed with a moratorium by the Central Bank restricting withdrawals at Rs50000. Expectedly, the deal fell through and my friend lost out on what would have been a great opportunity!

(4) In another incident that I came across recently, an acquaintance had accumulated enough money after meeting all his obligations such as daughter’s marriage, son’s business, repayment of loans etc , to undergo a long delayed bypass surgery ! Just before he was planning his admission to the city’s top cardiac institute, he suffered a massive and fatal heart stroke!

When the life is so unpredictable and fragile, why should we not live each day as it comes with happiness and gratitude rather than hating each other, spreading rumours and negativity, hoarding undue wealth and riches and worrying too much about Coronavirus! As Mumbai Police commissioner tweeted yesterday, “ Mumbaikars are so worried about Coronavirus that has hardly impacted anyone, by investing in masks, hand sanitizers and antibiotics; but refuse to wear helmet when head injuries kill 10 people daily in road accidents in Mumbai!

Let’s get our priorities right and live each moment as life is so fragile!

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