Horrendous !

Two statements aptly sum up the malaise that has set in and that needs to be urgently arrested and uprooted. First was by a prominent AIMIM leader that right now our lionesses have made the life of the Government miserable; imagine what’ll happen when all of us come out to protest – 15 crore will prove too much for 100 crore! Very deplorable, very provocative! Unfortunately, at this programme only, a highly radicalised young girl started shouting “Pakistan Zindabad” slogans that made the atmosphere extremely charged up.

There was another statement that our predecessors made a big mistake by not packing off all Muslims to Pakistan at the time of partition. As a result , we are facing all these consequences today.

This is not the India of our dreams or of the dreams of those who fought for its independence. And both the statements unfortunately also have one big thing in common – deliberately or inadvertently, Pakistan and it’s existence is weighing heavy in the minds of so called nationalists or anti nationalists, whereas a behemoth super power of 125 crore people should not even be paying any heed to the existence of that minnow in our neighbourhood.

Can we restrict our tongues, wild thoughts and pens (rather fingers for nobody writes these days but only types and spits venom on social media, especially Twitter) for sometime at least and kill this negativity flourishing in the name of religion all around?

2 thoughts on “Horrendous !

  1. These statements are absolutely uncalled for and brings shame to many. Unfortunately in the name of democracy these people think they have right to speak anything and everything without understanding the repercussions. Sad..


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