Broom 3 has cleaned the cleanest!

My mother-in-law remains hugely interested in current affairs and throughout the day catches up on latest news on news channels. Her interest gets severely enhanced during election times – whether it’s national polls for Lok Sabha, state polls for Vidhan Sabha or even by polls!

No wonder she’s very keenly following Delhi election results, being literally glued to the TV set for the last few days. She first tracked the built up to the polls, then exit polls and finally the actual results today that are still in the process of getting unfolded.

In all her innocence and naivety she asked me that although all the exit polls were showing easy and overwhelming victory for AAP, the spokespersons of BJP and Congress were singing a different tune. While BJP was harping on getting majority notwithstanding the exit polls, Congress was preparing to spring a surprise, not forecasted by any of the exit polls! She said that all these exit polls seemed farce given the confidence of BJP and Congress.

However, I must admit that exit polls have been indeed proven wrong ! Most of these predicted seats ranging between 45-55 for AAP and 15 to 25 for BJP. But AAP has proven all this wrong by winning 60+ seats, leaving BJP in single digit and Congress at zero. My mother-in-law is now eagerly waiting to see what these two spokesmen have to say now? While Congress has indeed surprised by not opening its account, BJP has sadly got its mathematics absolutely wrong !

Congratulations to Arvind Kejriwal, his bunch of dedicated workers and the winners. Hope they will continue to provide good governance and make Delhi a world class city.

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