After Diwali

I think this feeling may not be unique to Diwali but creeps in after each happy event. Whether it’s the end of vacation or family time or any happy occasion, there’s this feeling of despondency tinged with sadness that seems to sink in post Diwali. Roads are relatively empty, shops seem to be relaxing after days of brisk business during the run up to Diwali and fatigue sets in after days of hectic activity in the pre Diwali period. Thanks God , this year the offices are closed on the next day as going to office can be one of the most agonising thing post the Diwali hangover.

Earlier, in our childhood, celebrations would continue beyond Diwali with bursting of leftover crackers and consumption of Diwali delicacies. Schools would remain closed till Bhai Duj and festivities did get stretched to several days beyond Diwali. However, now once Diwali is gone, it’s back to waiting for Diwali next year!

As I put it in simple verse:

After days of gloom and period of despair,

The wait was there for an event to undo and undertake repair;

Comes Diwali with a bang and all woes seem to be things of the past,

Oh God! After this momentary joy, heart dreads going into the old cast!!!

Let economy be revived, peace return to Kashmir and a feeling of well being prevail all over the World, which will be a true celebration of this festival of peace, love and brotherhood.

4 thoughts on “After Diwali

  1. Respected Sir..As writer you are expressing a common person thoughts people get connected to these with ease and find it their own story. Your Goodself have filled in a gap which exist between individual and its external world through simple narrative.


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