We shall overcome

Chandrayan 2 is not a failed mission, but a moment of glory for a proud nation. Only triers succeed and our great scientists will make ISRO’s space quest a great success, the nation has no doubt. Overwhelmed by this entire episode, I have composed a few lines in the honour of this great effort. It’s called “Chandamama door nahin” (Moon is not far):


When Armstrong landed on the moon,

India was still struggling to fulfil basic needs;

While the countries of the world improved their GDPs,

Reaching for the moon was still distant indeed.

But India’s aim was unambiguous and clear,

The basis needs were not to be forgotten;

Not at that cost of technological advancement,

But come what may, moon was to be begotten.

And Bhabhas , Kalams , Kasturis & Sivans the sharp minds,

Put their best foot forward with whatever they got;

Indigenously developed rocket technology to put satellites,

And they aspired to reach the moon one day, who thought?

And then that day came in all it’s glory,

From SHAR station Chandrayan took off to go there;

Not only to reach moon, where mankind had already reached,

But to the Lunar South Pole, no one had been to where!

Finally the journey commenced on July 22nd,

Days of hard work by scientists bearing fruit;

And Chandrayan cruised to the nation’s pride,

Crossings all its milestones as per schedule.

A nation in anticipation of a great event,

Was ready to go rapturous in celebration;

But the sudden loss of communication,

Changed elation into grief for the nation!

But why cry Sivan and company,

India is destined to go places;

Nation will always stand with its brilliant minds,

Chandrayan 3 will bring smile on our faces.

Salute to all the scientists led by K Sivan! Jai Hind

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