Have we done anything to Pakistan?

Pakistan seems to have lost its balance of mind. Was it expecting India to handover Kashmir to it on a platter that it is reacting so weirdly to abrogation of the Articles 370 and 35(a)? India has always maintained that Jammu & Kashmir is its integral part and what one does with its own territory or people is strictly one’s own prerogative. However, if one is to see the reaction of Pakistan and its citizens, it seems India has perpetrated a full fledged war on that nation! They are unearthing ages old video footages showing Kashmiris protesting or pelting stones at the security forces. There are also video clips of acts of barbarism, doctored, dated or of some other countries not clear, but definitely fake!

After it’s failed attempts to internationalise the issue by raising it in UNSC, albeit in a closed door scenario piggy riding on China’s support, Imran is feeling let down by Islamic World. UAE bestowing it’s highest civilian honour order of Zayed is a clear indication of what the world, including Islamic world, thinks about Pakistani stand in the matter.

There’s a video going viral on Youtube in which former Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad seems to have lost his sanity and he can be see crying hoarse calling for action again India, including the use of nuclear warfare. There was a similar reaction to Priyanka Chopra’s support for her country by Pakistan calling UN to revoke her Peace Ambassador honour.

I am a moderate and I firmly believe that social media and other means of communication should be used to spread goodwill rather than hatred and that if it’s a matter of valour and honour, war should be fought face to face rather than cowardly by piggy riding the terrorists. If Pakistan feels the need to be self styled saviour of Kashmir and Kashmiris, let it develop that stature and respect; as for India, India has always showered love and affection on Kashmiris and for that matter on everyone – of any nationality, ethnic group or religion. We are not fascist as Pakistan is trying to project India and Modi as – the entire Muslim world is not blind or fool to be respecting and honouring him. As a statesman he wishes well for all minorities, included Muslims – anything else, leave apart Muslims or the world – Indians themselves will not tolerate! We have to build a new India – prosperous, peaceful and purposeful. Noise made by Pakistan will not affect this roller coaster journey of India into glory in future!

10 thoughts on “Have we done anything to Pakistan?

  1. So true ! They themselves don’t know what to do ! In one of videos .. Imran Khan says Germany and Japan were neighbors 😳😃…clearly they have lost their balance .


  2. Dear Sir, It is well timed editorial like I used to read in The Tribune. Yourself rightly say that social media should be used to spread goodwill instead of hatred. Thoughts provoke actions, thoughts are now a days encapsulated in social media. We sometime feel about a whatsapp that it should not have been created as it emits limited mind of section of masses.


  3. Kasmir is not a bone that it needs to be handed over. How about we give Kashmiri’s the option to chose what they would like, instead of bringing politics into this. I’m Pakistani and I’m proud, but I’m human first and humanity prevails over nationalism. Let people live in peace and harmony and put an end to this colonialism…


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