Success or failure- Trying is important

Girte hain sheh-sawaar hi maidaan-e-jang mein

woh tifl kya gire ga jo ghutnon ke bal chale

The above popular piece of Urdu poetry can be aptly summed up as, ” only those who try fail; weaklings can only crawl.” The above piece came to my mind while thinking about Modi 2.0 Government. It picked up pace in the very first few days of assuming power by presenting a budget (not too market friendly but aimed at inclusiveness), passing the bill making triple talaq illegal and above all abrogation of Articles 370 and 35 (a).

India being a democratic free state, there are views in favour of and against these acts by Government – budget, triple talaq and 370/35(a). However, you may love Modi 2.0 or hate, you cannot accuse it of inaction. The man at the helm has shown exemplary courage and grit in taking these tough decisions that previous governments kept in abeyance. He may fail in some and win a few, but you cannot blame him for not doing anything!

Let me tell his detractors- Modi offers the best hope for solving all long standing disputes – territorial issues with Pakistan and China, water dispute between states and Babri Masjid-Ramjanmabhoomi dispute. He has the will, courage and above all the support of millions of common Indian citizens, who do not measure their well being on Sensex or automobile industry recession but on actions by the Government that have the potential of addressing long term structural changes.

In contrast, the major opposition party has managed to elect interim President by bringing back Sonia, making noise against the good deeds by Government that did not resonate anywhere else and set a new record by abstinence of its senior leaders at Independence Day function.

My request to Modi 2.0 is to act firmly against the anti social elements- mob lynchers, child molesters, hate mongers, economic offenders and other law breakers in general. Since taking over PM has made all the right noises – inclusiveness, population control, equality etc. Let’s hope he builds New India with development, growth, tolerance and environment as the main agendas ; a country bereft of age old problems !

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