Friendship Day

Friends are forever,

But the Friendship day is one,

There’s no normal human being,

Who has none!

One, two, three of four,

Friends are dear and take care,

In grief and happiness,

Not only present, they’re there!

Relatives move away in life,

And colleagues are just office friends,

True Friends last a long long time,

Till eternity ends!

Folklores are full of tales

Of lasting friendship and pure love,

But Krishna and Sudama take the cake

For their unique relationship as above!

I am not Krishna or Sudama,

Nor I my friends for that was yore,

However, all my friends are loveable,

Having a heart of gold that’s pure!

Happy friendship day to all my friends – not the girl friends or boy friends or fair weather friends or friends in need either, but just plain and simple friends who do not need any specific designated day to be remembered and are there in my heart irrespective of the day or purpose. Don’t want to write more about it for such days have become a fad with origin unknown and this is just a relationship that doesn’t require any eulogy.

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