Too fast or too slow?

Life is all about paradoxes and mysteries. The need is to constantly adapt to the changes and challenges being faced by us everyday.

Let me pose a philosophical question here? All of us,whether in our 30s, 40s, 50s or in the higher age brackets, still get a feeling that it was only yesterday that we were a kid in secured environs of our homes with our parents! Today, at whichever stage of our lives we find ourselves in, it seems that our schooling, higher education, the first job, marriage…. all happened in a jiffy as if it was only yesterday! Time simply seems to have flown at rocket’s pace. Speaking for myself, now that I have playthings in the form of two lovely cutie pies, my grandchildren, I fail to understand how come my daughter grew up so fast to be an independent entity living far away from me. And this is the design of life and applies to everyone who had a relatively peaceful and comfortable existence to date.

Readers must be wondering that it’s such a common feeling experienced by each one of us, failing to understand where lies paradox in all this? I will explain. The paradox is about the time already spent and elapsed and the time that’s yet to come! While it seems like yesterday when straight out of college, a scrawny, unsure of himself, young man, that’s me, joined his first job and it’s already been close to 36 years! However, the remaining tenure to superannuation, which is less than 3 years, seems like a mountain, very high and difficult to climb!

In another blog written a few months ago, I had touched upon the tendency to crave for the future. A child wants to grow big, when big one wants to acquire goodies of life and enjoy the same after meeting one’s responsibilities and by that time one becomes old and infirm! This is something of an offshoot of a similar feeling albeit a bit nuanced!

I think remediation for all this is to live in present and enjoy the moment! It’s easier said than done but is worth practising.

6 thoughts on “Too fast or too slow?

  1. Dear Arvind
    Well written. Just learn from me how to live in present, don’t you think this is what I am doing for the last 19 years πŸ˜„πŸ˜„or you think I have ildled away so many years. Have you today read about founder of Cafe Coffee day. Stay blessed, keep on sharing your beautiful thoughts. Malik


  2. Respected Sir, One side these feelings show readers that you are one of them and when reader percieve that Your Goodself long Corporate career as an exceptional feat yourself explain how there is paradox feeling for remaining tenure on other side as reader might not even imagine. Reader feel that warrior always win. We wish that success be incessantly with Your Goodself and troubles pass like water bubble !


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