Work is celebration

These are difficult times. On one hand, jobs are drying up and whatever jobs are left, artificial intelligence and robotics are replacing the manpower requirement. This technology ensures accurate and error free processing and untiring work 24X7 without the requirement of any break , with much faster processing.

Ironically, while unemployed youth are unhappy, those who have got jobs are also unhappy! They lament long working hours, stiff targets, insufficient compensation and limited opportunities of career enhancement. They look here and there for a change, but change does not appease them because new organisation is hardly different!

I, as a senior level manager leading a large team, am facing this challenge like never before. On one hand, increasing automation is creating a sense of insecurity in the staff on the prospects of continuity of their jobs. On the other hand, in the transition phase, they are being called upon to work extra hard by attending to their normal work as also facilitate automation. This is affecting their work life balance and creating dissatisfaction.

However, I view all this differently. For me, an age old saying, ” Work is worship”, is motto of my life. I feel blessed to have my plate full, even if it means stretching myself a bit. Also, I have recently come across a new concept that emphasises on the life itself, and especially work, being a celebration! As I read:

Everything we experience from food to clothes to shelter, the comforts and the luxuries we enjoy… are all rewards from the work we do.

*So, revere your workplace.*


Also, to my ambitious, restless, hurrying young friends, I will quote from the same source that says:

Anyone who plants a seed today and expects fruits tomorrow should relocate to another planet. It isn’t possible on planet earth.

Here, you don’t win unless you consistently and continuously back up your attitude to win with the attitude to prepare to win.

Eleventh hour preparations do not work beyond the ninth standard in school.

In life, preparation to win is a prerequisite to win.

Before you ask yourself or others, ‘Will you win?’, you’d better ask,

*Are you prepared to do what it takes to win?

Even after a career spanning almost 35 years, I have spring in my feet and song on my lips while coming to office. Every bit of new business enthuses may no end and every new challenge stimulates me to try harder. I also try to learn something new.

However, I neither like sermonising nor want to be a preacher. What I want to convey to all the youngsters, including my team members is that they should celebrate work and enjoy, because we are there as Work is there and we’re blessed because there are millions looking for work!

7 thoughts on “Work is celebration

  1. Sir, beautifully put. Would like to further add words from Gibran, “You work so that you may keep pace with the earth and the soul of the earth. For to be idle is to become a stranger unto the seasons, and to step out of life’s procession that marches in majesty and proud submission towards the infinite. “


  2. Dear Sir, By and Large we are accustomed to work as per specialization like years before organizations chose Henry Fayol’s Principals of management. Definitely one should be smug about plate full of work and stretching. However I find few jobs having less work and some having lot of work(time is constraint).Should that job be treated elusive , challenging and exciting or inappropriately made. Lesser plate is giving better result to individual so some of employees view that one of lesser plate as better option and try to shift to that one and curse one which they are doing. Job rotation and enrichment is one way to rectify. After 40 , even employees who are athletic stamina face ailments due to late sittings caused by huge workloads. In such a scenario worshiper can sail through who consider that this work is in lieu of meditation and prayer. I am in total agreement with your Goodself who is writing for wellbeing of youngsters. A monk can not tell us better than a warrior in such turbulent times.


  3. Whatever you have written here is true, because this is reality and we as parents are also worried for our children.


  4. Very true “WORK IS WORSHIP “
    work keeps body and mind happy which satisfies the soul more than the worship does.


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