Mahatria, as he is fondly addressed by tens and thousands of his followers, is the founder of Infinitheism that inspires human spirit to realise its humongous, boundless potential. Through his awe inspiring messages, thoughts, discourses and tweets, he spreads knowledge filled with happiness that acts as guiding light for the ordinary mortals to better their lives.

I have been privy to Mahatria’s thoughts and discourses, courtesy an old friend of mine Nachiappan, a committed Mahatria follower. He unabashedly claims his life to have changed for the better after coming in contact with the great man. As an ordinary person, watching and hearing Mahatria from a distance, I feel inspired to pen a few lines in eulogy to the great philosopher and guide to thousands. The title of the poem is inspired by Mahatria’s thoughts that life is a celebration. The poem reads:

Life is a celebration

Life is a celebration

And is meant to be lived fully,

Then why let the adversities

Create hurdles and act as a bully!

From childhood to youth

And adulthood to old age,

Worries, problems and anxieties behold us

Causing a severe psychological damage!

Problems arise for we look for

Life that’s always consistent,

In a world full of pluralities

Where change only is persistent!

We chase a mirage that

Is not real or gettable,

And in the course of doing so

We create moments that are forgettable!

How do we slow down the pace

And get some lasting peace,

Is a perpetual mental struggle

That doesn’t leave us in one piece!

But all is not lost for believers

As there’s hope and there’s light,

Clearing all webs and clouds of darkness

God’s very own Mahatria shines bright!

Hope this humble attempt of mine is liked by the followers and disciples of Mahatria.

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