Don’t jump the gun

Somebody shared a very interesting video on social media. In this video, a middle aged man who seem to be married for a good number of say 25-30 years is posed a simple question by one interviewer, ” you have two options. Option A is that you have to stay with your wife for rest of your life. Option B is…..”. The middle aged Person does not allow the interviewer to finish the question and explain option B, but jumps the gun by shouting, “option B; I choose option B.” The catchline is mentioned below this video post that says, “In his anxiety, he blindly opted for Option “B” without knowing what it is. What if Option “B” is – “Your Wife has decided to Stay with you”.”

There was another anecdote (not the right word for it was a joke, but once again depicted the excitement in the mind of protagonist at something too good) that read, ” A simpleton comes across a lamp, which he rubs and there appears a genie asking him to make 3 wishes. The man asks for a bottle of liquor that should always remain filled with liquor. Immediately, a bottle filled with choicest liquor appears in front of the simpleton. He drinks to his heart content and as the bottle is about to get empty, much to his delight, the bottle is filled up to the brim once again. The guy gets so overwhelmed that when pressed by the Genie to ask for second and third wishes simply says, ” please let me have two more such bottles”.

Two humorous instances hide in them very deep learning. In our high moment, we start soaring and our mind stops thinking rationally. It’s so overwhelmed by the option proposed that other options in store seem needless. In the first case, the guy goes for option B without realising that it is same as option A or in fact, a tad worse. Ditto the second case, where the guy just jumps the gun by having 3 bottles, when only 1 would have satiated his life long requirement for choicest liquor.

Let’s hear and analyse all the options and think rationally rather than behaving irrationally at the very thought of a great option that may have several strings attached to it!

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