Monsoon magic

Just read beautiful 4 lines celebrating arrival of much awaited monsoon in Mumbai. When the primary source of potable water for the city, its lakes run dry and water tankers run amok, absence of rain is scary. However, God has bestowed his kindness and overcast sky doesn’t look gloomy but beautiful like a rainbow. Inspired by the aforesaid 4 lines, I just composed a few more lines, celebrating the onset of monsoon. The poem reads:

Land is parched without a drop to drink,

Heat is searing and sun unforgiving,

I look at the sky with hope and expectation,

For abundant water that’s the essence of living!

It’s been unprecedented the drought that is,

Farmers committing suicide every day;

Ladies traveling miles to fetch a bucket ;

Life full of misery with no bright ray.

Trains carrying water from big cities,

And water obtained by drilling deep into the earth;

Which is also vanishing fast and soon,

And creating this life saviour’s perpetual dearth!

Yet people are not learning,

Breeding uncontrollably and wasting water left and right;

Exploiting the nature to its fullest;

Till humanity itself disappears out of sight!

But nature is bountiful and God is kind,

For Monsoons have arrived albeit bit delayed ;

And pitter patter of the rain lashing our windows,

Is nothing but music to our ears and happiness relayed !!!

7 thoughts on “Monsoon magic

  1. “…….yet we shall still be hopeless! ” Such lovely thoughts, should have concluded with a postive note…. after all, all living things live with HOPE! And that accounts for even the small plant, thriving in hope to become a giant banyan tomorrow. Keep it up for I sure, nay confident, that people like are a beacon of hope for many, and definitelty me!


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