The first shower

India is known for it’s summers. In north, summers are searingly hot, dry and dangerous, with hundreds dying due to heat stroke. In East, West and South summers are characterised by mugginess and humidity that’s most discomforting. In fact, in Chennai the folklore is that the city has three seasons- hot, hotter and hottest.

In the above backdrop, the arrival of monsoon in the first week of June is amongst the most awaited events. As monsoons hit Kerala, other parts of the country await first showers in their respective parts of the country.

This year Monsoon is awaited more than ever , for the country is experiencing one of the harshest summers ever. Delhi today recorded high of 48 degrees, hitherto unheard of . Churu in Rajasthan created new record by clocking 50 degrees. Water resources have reached their minimum levels and almost the entire country is depending on fast depleting underground water.

Today’s first showers of the season in Mumbai are the cause for celebration. Let me unhesitatingly claim that if it rains normally this year, it would be a larger and more significant event than BJP”s victory or anticipated victory of India in the currently underway cricket World Cup! Other things are materialistic; rains are divine because humanity will survive only if water is there! Though not a deeply religious person, I am ready to go any length to propitiate rain gods! Let all temples, churches, dargahs and gurudwaras do whatever it takes to pray for adequate rains! It’s a great agenda for the religions of the country to unite their divine powers for the sake of humanity and country!

7 thoughts on “The first shower

  1. Dear Sir…I also follow you and eulogize Indra for adequate rains this year. With your goodself of divine virtue and yourself mentioning in this blog, God Indra would have already moved and trying to soak earth.


  2. We have rains but no policy of rain water harvesting! We have sun almost 365 days in a year but nation is still short of energy. Hope we can look into this aspect too. Yes ! Rains are a welcome relief from heat and first rains are always special !!


  3. True Sir. There are close to 22 cities in India where the ground level water will be zero in couple of years as claimed by some reports. Rains and harvesting looks to be the only way apart from save water mantra….


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