Belief, Trust and Faith

Cancer is amongst the most dreaded diseases. What makes it all the more fearsome is it’s wide prevalence! You almost come across a news a day about cancer affecting a member in a family. It’s all piece of information till it chooses to strike your family! You then get the sense of what lies ahead for the patient and the family.

Something similar has struck us too. My wife’s brother, pretty young being in late 50s and with children yet to settle and huge liabilities on his head, is diagnosed being affected with cancer. He has joined us here in Mumbai from his native, for Mumbai is known for the best cancer treatment in the country. PET Scan done over the weekend shall reveal the extent of damage though we have booked an appointment with Dr Advani, father of cancer cure in India. We now sit with our fingers crossed wondering about what will happen over the next few days or months?

Incidentally, I read a beautiful thought that crossed my attention this morning being superlatively relevant to our current state of mind and dilemma. The thought says, ” Belief is what you have in yourself; trust is in others and faith is in God”. Over the next few months the man, my brother in law and the man of the moment albeit in a negative connotation, shall be required to believe in himself and his perseverance, trust the doctors treating him and family members attending to him and have undying faith in the God’s justice, for whatever God has in store for us is probably the best being fait accompli. But this trio of belief, trust and faith hold relevance for all of us , whichever situation we may be in currently!

14 thoughts on “Belief, Trust and Faith

  1. Only shoe wearer knows how it pinches…..Belief is the most important thing that cancer patient should have , every cell of your body has intelligence , just you have to tell yourself that you are getting okay along with trust in Docs treating you plus faith in Supreme power …these are three iotas to overcome the deadliest disease…When such a doting and caring family is along with you…one is ought to overcome…Get well soon dear Jasmeet .


  2. Have faith in doctors . We have good advanced technology today to fight it . And last bit not the least his will power to fight it out


  3. Sir you are absolutely bang on. My mother who did have cancer and the way She with her solid self belief she fought back, with a trust in us and Ofcource faith in God and Doctors. With the grace of God she is doing well and going strong at age 80 plus. I am sure with our prayers and wishes your brother-in-law will fight back and be normal soon to enjoy his life. God bless all of youπŸ™


  4. The dreaded desease of cancer is all around us. Far far more than it was in our younger days. It has now become something almost as common as heart attack or stroke. I know, know of or have known at least ten or more victims in the immediate circle of my family, friends and relatives. The wife of a dear friend of many years (in her early fifties) is currently counting her last days as I write. More and more people survive these days due to the advances made by medical science. But there is still a huge amount of unknown factors. Let us hope and pray that your relative receives superior quality treatment and recovers. Fingers crossed.


  5. At this point of time, one can only trust the doctors and have faith in God. So have faith in God, everything will be alright πŸ‘πŸ»


  6. Respected Sir….I have always faith in experienced medical fraternity, I have closely watched their lives, since childhood they are hard working and devote time to others service. With moolah making , core part of a medical student life is whether there is human service at heart of a doctor. I have all believes on a Doctor (often society complain, which I seldom for some quacks) and often we name him God when we come across turbulent times. I pray for patient at home recover without hassles. In many families this dreaded discease is attacking however many people are surviving for long durations due to proper and regular cure. Praying again for best of health of your brother in law Sir.


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