Peekaboo or hide and seek that we have all played in our childhood days, remains popular till date, especially with infants and young children. When you suddenly reappear from hiding and say a loud boo to the kid seeking you, his/her joy and laughter can be infectious.

You may wonder why suddenly this blog on something as archaic and frivolous as Peekaboo? I have been excessively engaged in this age old traditional game with my two grandkids – one a 2 years and 4 months old devil and the other 3 months old angel who is on the verge of becoming a devil! They came here on a short visit, but overwhelmed us with their presence in so much as , much of our routined existence was severely challenged and we were mostly at their disposal!

Now that they’re traveling back to their home in Johannesburg, this simple game of Peekaboo suddenly seems to be having a much deeper connotation. Their periodic visits to India and our travel to South Africa to meet each other are in fact a form of this age old fantasy that children have indulged in since time immemorial. They and we shall go in hiding, seeking the hidden partners and when we actually seek and meet each other, there will be joy all around! All the parents and others having expat children and nears & dears will cherish this blog as they all seek their beloved in this game of hide and seek!

4 thoughts on “Peekaboo

  1. Sir this blog was really resounding and attractive as we still have child at heart and till date have space of peekaboo.Kids love peekaboo. I can make a guess thyself Grandsons beautiful laugh and Krishan kind smiles.


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