It’s a season of expectations. Although, having expectations is contrary to the teachings of Bhagvad Gita that sermonises us to only perform and expect nothing, these expectations are albeit of a different kind. Here to do anything or perform is not in our hands, yet we nurture high hopes of spectacular success. What are these? Let me enlist a few as under/

(1) There are huge expectations from Modi 2.0 and after spectacular win in the elections, Modi has acknowledged fear psychosis affecting minorities and need to include everyone on this journey of growth and development. As its said, well begun is half done!

(2) Cricket fans have high hopes from Virat Kohli and his boys to repeat the feat by his illustrious predecessors Kapil and Dhoni and bring home the World Cup. Unfortunately, well begun theory does not apply here as the Team India has lost its first warm up match to New Zealand.

(3) Nation has huge hopes from rain gods to bestow generosity upon the parched land and give water in abundance – for drinking and irrigation. Drought in certain parts is severe and declining underground water table is hardly a cause to ignore.

(4) There were election promises around payment of monies directly in the accounts of farmers and popes. With Modi, the pioneer of direct to account payment of subsidy back in power, people shall shortly start checking their Jan Dhan accounts expecting inflows.

(5) There are expectations from Finance Minister, stock markets, Bollywood, Trump, Imran and what not?

Hope, expectations and optimism are some of the best gifts bestowed by God on the mankind. As Charles Dickens in his great work called “Great Expectations” wrote :

The broken heart. You think you will die, but you just keep living, day after day after terrible day.

8 thoughts on “Expectations

  1. There is a saying “ karma karo lekin fal ki ichcha mat karo”, but when you work hard,somewhere in the corner of your heart you expect in return. This keeps you moving…


  2. Respected Sir, Very enticing and philosophical write up. May I make error in citing one para in front of Your admired Pen, just to share

    Khoon Pasina bahata ja , taan ke chadar sota ja, ye naav to hilti jayegi hansta ja ya rota ja


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