Me Too of another kind

Memories are short lived and “Me Too” movement that rocked the nation a few months ago, seems to have been laid to rest after taking its toll on a few stalwarts, the more prominent being Nana Patekar, Alok Nath, MJ Akbar, Rajkumar Hirani, Anu Malik, Suhel Seth etc. It, in fact, acquired such monumental proportions that I was also compelled to write a couple of blogs. The social media worked overtime when the movement was at its peak.

As aforesaid, all seemed to have quietened till I read about it again in newspapers. It assumed special significance as it came from the mouth of none less than PM Modi. Reacting to a statement by former PM Manmohan Singh that surgical strikes used to happen during Congress Government’s reign also, PM Modi reacted that Congress seemed to be suffering from Me Too syndrome, equating it to the popular Me Too movement discussed above. The Me Too movement spread like a wild fire, indicating that the suffering was experienced by quite a large number of women and was a social malaise. On the contrary, if Me Too of surgical strikes spreads to different Governments, from Nehru to Shastri to Indira to Morarji to Chandrashekhar to Charan Singh to Gujral to Rajiv to Narasimha to Atal to Deve Gowda also apart from Manmohan and Modi, this is no malaise but representative of our military might that can strike at the enemy anywhere anytime.

Let’s have more Me Too movements of the second kind and none of the first kind, which was a matter of shame and concern.

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