Ordinary feats by ordinary folks

Today I received a message from Twitter that I now have 100 followers. Not a big achievement considering number of followers some of the celebrities have, but not very mean either considering that not many in this country have Twitter accounts ( unlike WhatsApp or Facebook) and even those who are having hardly use it actively! I find Twitter to be a good medium of expressing my views on the matters of national and international importance and the causes that are dear to me in few words (length of a tweet is restricted).

A few days ago my blog site advised me that I had completed 💯 blogs! I started amateur blogging to give vent to the writer in me but never thought I would be achieving any major feat or landmark. It started with a school time mate of mine with whom I started sharing first of my blogs. He encouraged me to write more and better and slowly more people – friends and colleagues first and then more unknown strangers who liked my writing- started following my blogs and that I scored a century during the course of this journey I didn’t know till notified by my website that I completed 100 blogs. As a popular Urdu couplet by renowned poet and lyricist Majrooh Sultanpuri says:

Main akelā hī chalā thā jānib-e-manzil magar

log saath aate gaye aur kārvāñ bantā gayā

I commenced this journey all by myself,

People kept on joining me till it became a Caravan!!

When shall I have bigger achievements, I don’t know! Whether I shall ever become a celebrated blogger or an author or attain new highs in my profession or emigrate to place of choice or learn playing musical instruments, I have no clue! In this zeal to chase larger dreams, which may never get fulfilled, I didn’t want to miss sharing these ordinary feats with my readers!

5 thoughts on “Ordinary feats by ordinary folks

  1. Good show Arvind! 😎 I’m sure your reader base will increase manyfold in the months to come.
    I too have a twitter account but have never used it. I have heard it said that there are some good people in the government who positively respond to appeals in Twitter from people who are in distress… either at home or abroad… Problems with airlines, railways, lost passport.. are representative examples. Hope I never have to put out a May Day call. But it’s just like carrying a spare tyre. In case.


  2. Congratulations Sir. And definitely the reader base will grow exponentially. I love each of your blogs. The subject, your thoughts, choice of words and the unbiased expressions are truly remarkable. Best wishes, always.


  3. How much mind and heart has goes into every single blog which conveys one and another message propelling to do something for society nation and bettering own lifestyle, I may not calculate. It takes time and stamina courage to juxtaposing what reader expect and what is correct; and fans continue to gather day by day. There is not only versatility, depth but also content full of intense emotion that bind my kind of reader.

    Respected Sir

    It must be Great feeling. It is remarkable and one day these blogs can be stitched together to shape into Book. Wish that writer reader relationship continues and we see more and more of Your Blogs.


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