Pulwama to Balakot

Actually, the title of this blog could also have been Balakot to Pulwama – that’s from where the trained terrorists (or Jihadis as they prefer themselves to be called though Jihad is supposed to be holy war while their acts are most unholy and reprehensible) came to attack CRPF convoy in Pulwama. The so called peace loving Pakistan ( that’s what their politicians and military personnel are saying all over that their willingness to maintain peace should not be construed as their weakness !) kept up its rhetoric of evidence of their involvement, while evidence is all over there even for a blind to see! The purported holy jihad in Kashmir that Pakistan openly supports as the legitimate right of self determination by Kashmiris by calling the terrorists the martyrs and Indian security forces as oppressors, in fact is the unholiest deed that any civilised nation can do! By trying to undo a historical event and highlighting it in the most irrelevant context, Pakistan is not only encouraging terrorism in India but has become breeding ground of terrorists that is now a known fact internationally. Therefore, India’s midnight Air swoop on the Balakot camps of JEM has evoked no response from the international community and most of the world’s prominent nations have supported the India’s need to defend its territory by dismantling terror infrastructure across the border!

So, heinous act of Pulwama led to destruction of terror camps in Balakot ! World should now join hands in destroying other such facilities that are flourishing in Pakistan under the watchful eyes of ISI and its Army. India will protect its territorial integrity but weeding out the entire international terrorism should not be the sole responsibility of India, when the suffering is of the entire world’s.

Rafale or no Rafale, the acts of bravery emanate out of justness of the cause and holiness of the mission snd not only from the quality of armoury and IAF and Indian Government have amply demonstrated that! Pakistan is well advised to redefine its own concepts of holiness and justness , because we are taught by our scriptures that “Truth shall prevail and victory of righteousness over evil is always destined.”

Jai Hind

6 thoughts on “Pulwama to Balakot

  1. Yes the best part being none of the world leaders supporting Pakistan on this and their open support to India. And can’t figure out how Pakistan can still deny involvement in all these activities.


  2. True Sir. Both Foreign minister and Defense minister were giving different statements in the same press conference. It was quite evident that they were never expecting such reply from India and took them for surprise. Even USA has been neutral or taking India’s side, so to say. Pakistan needs to be singled out on all platforms and World leaders needs to understand the tactics of pakistan to hide such breeding grounds under the watch of ISI.


  3. The action by our Air Force was fast and focused. Bravo to the Patriots who have fetched laurels for the entire nation.
    Let’s pray that good sense will dawn in our neighbouring country that has good people but despotic rulers.
    “Satya Mevo Jayatey” is the underlying truth that has been proven time and again.

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