The Great Indian Political Circus

It’s a funny title; Russia is known for its circus, but Indian circus, one may have hardly heard about. Indian circus is not the circus that has skilled performers showcasing their talent in risky adventures, but is, in fact, Political circus . The trapezes, ring masters, clowns are not there as we see them in a normal circus. This circus continues throughout the year repeating itself every now and then 29 times (29 states), but the main and the most awaited show happens once every five years. Incidentally, the current year 2019 is the year when this gala show is slated to happen. This great Indian Political circus is Lok Sabha General Elections that happens every 5 years.

Why is such an important event that can make or mar the destiny of the nation is being called or compared to circus? Quite simply put, because it’s full of uncertainty (linked with risky adventure), surprise (anything that’s out of ordinary is surprising), action (there are animated election rallies and meetings, workers of political parties sometimes can go beyond sloganeering to fist cuffs and various acts by parties to catch the mindset of voters) and entertainment (there’s no dearth of it – there’s wit, humour, parodying, spoofing and what not!) and all the above combined makes it a real wholesome show like a Circus is!

Where else could leftists and Congress (enemies for decades with workers killing each other for years in West Bengal and Kerala) join hands against TMC, NCP, whose Sharad Pawar was responsible for sabotaging Sonia’s chances of becoming PM, remains integral part of NCP-Congress combine for more than a decade, BJP and Shiv Sena being part of the same Government sharing power yet pulling rug from under each other’s feet and Mayawati and Akhilesh coming together with the sole objective of keeping BJP at bay in UP and if such an adventure is not a circus, what else can you call it?

However, it’s up to us the voters to use our franchise with utmost discretion by rising above the narrow considerations of religion, caste, creed, factionalism, political prejudices to vote for the best, so that we can increasingly make our elections a serious and sincere affair, gradually reducing the above elements that make Indian Politics a circus!

4 thoughts on “The Great Indian Political Circus

  1. And not to mention mud slinging in political circle ..a good initiative by TOI voicing for people who are working outside their native places


  2. The Circus gets all the more interesting with Media playing some stories at such time which may be true or not but in the race to get more TRP can make it everyday spicy for spectators whose decision largely influenced by such stories.


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