Mamta played the perfect host to the leaders of Mahagathbandhan and the seeds for the downfall of Modi Government is said to have been sown in Kolkata. However, strange is the mathematics that Mahagathbandhan seems to be relying upon for electoral supremacy over now almost alone BJP. In UP, Maya and Akhilesh have divided equal number of seats between themselves, leaving zero for congress and the grand old party has already cleared its intention of fighting alone for all the seats in UP. Mamta cannot see eye to eye with Left parties and collaboration between Left and Congress in the last state elections in WB proved to be a disaster. TRS and BJD have already cleared their intentions of not joining Mahagathbandhan and in fact, TRS will oppose TDP tooth and nail in Andhra in Lok Sabha elections. Karnataka is in serious disorder and Tamil Nadu is in political chaos. The enmity and equation of WB will replicate itself in Kerala. In spite of long anti incumbency, Rajasthan and MP elections were closely fought and electorate can be expected to vote differently in Lok Sabha elections. Congress is already wiped out of North East.

Delhi will back BJP and Maharashtra will not overlook great work done by Devendra Fadnavis. Gujarat will surely back Modi for one more term at Centre.

Mahagathbandhan must get its calculations right if it intends to offer a serious opposition to Modi’s return to power. By flaunting ineffective turncoats like Shatrughan Sinha in its midst, Mahagathbandhan may end up becoming a laughing stock rather than a serious bidder for power at Centre. The beginning made at Kolkata seems to be only adding to the invincibility of Modi.

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