Is Vistara the new thing

After yesterday’s blog on Jet and its decline, a blog on Vistara probably becomes a natural corollary. First of all, it’s got something to do with the credentials of its promoters – Tatas and Singapore Airlines – one, the most respected business house of the country and second, the most respected international carrier. You can hardly ask for a better parentage!

However , it’s start till now has been rather sluggish. It has a restricted fleet size operating mainly on trunk routes between major cities. Therefore, it offers limited flight options. Tatas, who have long-standing experience in aviation (remember Tata Airlines, the predecessor of Air India), looked confused about going whole hog on their re-entry into the sector. There was the news of their partnering Wadias in Go Air, then their interest in Air India and recently in Jet meant somewhere they look at inorganic growth rather than systematically developing Vistara. Also, their concurrent partnership with Tony Fernandes’s Air Asia for Indian operations of Air Asia only adds to the confusion.

Notwithstanding the above, while I have been avoiding Vistara in favour of Air India and Jet for the greed of accumulating their frequent flyer points, the current state of both these airlines is forcing me to seriously look at Vistara and hence today’s return flight to Mumbai was Vistara and not Jet. Jet’s flight was delayed and expectedly served horrible meal. Here the flight was ready ahead of time with very pretty, polite and smart hostesses, spic and span aircraft, filled to the capacity, offered superb meal and in all, provided everything and more that Jet of yore offered. With Tatas and Singapore Airlines helming this, aircraft’s and inflight Service can be expected to be well maintained, losses will not dent the pocket and fleet and coverage will only grow!

Welcome to the new flying experience- welcome Vistara!

10 thoughts on “Is Vistara the new thing

  1. Rightly narrated by your Goodself Sir.There seem to lot of objectives written however less achieved till now since Tata made serious plans into aviation if we start privatisation of Air India. Objective seem to attainable with Vistara. Sir your writeups need space in “Brand equity”

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  2. Tatas association with aviation is a historical fact which is of historical importance only. Their current management or operations people have as much experience of aviation as you or me. They are also clueless about their role in the greater scheme of things in life Indian aviation. Successive ministers of aviation have raped Air India and lined their pockets or indirectly ran the prestigious airline to the ground, perhaps both. Jet Airways was also a beneficiary when lucrative routes were taken away from Air India and given away to the private airlines for a pittance. Add to that the internal corruption, trade unionism, free travel for all politicians etc etc inside Air India… I would say the national airline was raped and murdered. Vistara frequently cancels flights and misses timelines on account of their tiny fleet size. I won’t trust them till that is taken care of.


  3. Rightly said Air India routes were given away to private airlines. And as replied earlier other freebies being given away . Indigo is still a major player with on time arrival .. near and clean aircrafts and a professional staff.


  4. Rightly said Air India routes were given away to private airlines. Indigo is still a major player with on time arrival .. near and clean aircrafts and a professional staff.


  5. Indigo has got their ground level passenger and luggage handling right. These systems are in place and are working. Other airlines can’t even come near Indigo in terms of ground level efficiency. But on time performance now exists only in their ads. Problems with the Pratt and Whitney engines, (since rectified, I’ve been told ) fogs, floods etc have taken their toll. Their food and goodies trollies keep the central isle blocked for almost 80% of the time, causing huge inconvenience to the passengers wishing to visit the washrooms. I have heard recently that they have started charging for the wheelchair facilities also. I fear very soon all the low cost airlines might begin to charge for washroom facilities, whose fees would be based on your urgency… 😀


  6. True Sir. I travelled twice and on both the occasions they upgraded to Premium economy as gesture which was a surprise considering I was flying for the first time. With deteriorating services from Indigo and Spice jet lagging behind, Vistara can definitely get the higher market share.


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