Wish List

It’s Christmas time and festivity is in the air. The weather has taken turn towards coolness and there couldn’t be a better time for one to seek fulfilment of one’s wishes. While it’s common for us to ask for favours for ourselves and our nears and dears, I have a special wish list that goes much above the personal wishes. You may laugh at some of my wishes, but I am sure you would not disagree. Let me unveil my wish list.

(1) My first wish is that on a planet that has 2/3rd water and only 1/3rd land and yet potable water is in serious deficit, man should discover something that immediately, effortlessly and cheaply turns the sea water into sweet potable water. There will be abundance of usable water for drinking and doing household chores and our farmers will have plenty to irrigate their lands rather than commit suicide.

(2) Mankind has achieved much and today the world produces enough to provide food security. Yet the population explosion is outpacing the growth in food, water and other resources. Can humans’ reproduction be limited to a maximum of 2 or 3 children so that we control population without any coercion and the dispute of one community breeding at a faster pace than other is buried forever?

(3) Can the entire population of the world have at least this minimum to feed their children, provide them shelter and send them to school so that poor and developing nations solve the problem of hunger, pavement dwelling and illiteracy that is neutralising all their development ?

(4) Can the boundaries separating the nations of the World be obliterated so that there is free movement of people and no territorial disputes whatsoever that is the root cause of all the past and future wars?

(5) Can we have vehicles running on solar energy so that pollution caused by fossil fuels is ended, there is no fear of exhaustion of these reserves and no risk of petrol prices touching Rs100 a litre? The world can breathe easy.

(6) Can we overcome the menace of cancer, AIDS, Dengue and other killer diseases so that the world becomes a healthy place to live and the racket around mediclaim and expensive treatments is eradicated forever?

(7) And lastly, can we have matured intelligent politicians that are not rabble rousers, dividers of society, corrupt and partisan so that there is peace all around including peaceful and fair elections?

As a nursery rhyme says, if wishes were horses, the beggars would fly! The above wishes are horses on which my imagination rides but not for selfish me but for the world to become a great place to live!

Merry Christmas in advance! There will be more posts on this festival season!

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