Why doesn’t the truth come out?

(1) Rafale deal is hanky panky. Monies have changed hands illegally and Anil Ambani mediated at the behest of the Government.

(2) GDP growth during UPA Government’s regime needs to be recast and if apples are compared with apples, NDA Government’s GDP of last 4 years is better.

(3) Public institutions like Supreme Court, CBI, RBI have lost their voice and independence during NDA regime.

(4) India’s finances are in shambles and fiscal deficit is reaching dangerous proportions. That’s why Government badly needs to gorge on RBI’s reserves.

(5) Demonetisation has proven to be draconian and major failure that has caused irreversible medium to long term damage to Indian economy.

(6) Demonetisation and GST have killed small business in India.

(7) Oil prices and dollar could be global phenomena but Government’s policies have added fuel to the fire!

(8) Government has been totally apathetic to farming community and that rural India is going to revolt against the Government.

(9) Muslim Personal Law, Sabarimala, Ram Mandir are all part of divisive strategy of the Government to cause irreversible damage to the social fabric of the country!

(10) BJP Governments in Chhattisgarh, MP and Rajasthan are amongst the worst ever and BJP is losing all these states. Haryana, Bihar and Jharkhand are next in line.

However, we have Government machinery using all its might to highlight achievements of Modi Government- gas connections, direct benefit transfer, insurance, best possible Rafale deal, IBC, India’s global standing, transparency and what not!

In a country endowed with sharpest political, financial, defence, investigative journalists and commentators, isn’t there a sane voice that can expose the reality to the public or shall the public have to suffer highly insensitive, polarised and sensational journalism of Republic TV/NDTV kind? While we do miss Kuldip Nayar, Girilal Jain, Hiranmay Karlekar sorts of matured minds, Arun Shourie, Pritish Nandi, Bachi Karkaria, Jug Suraiya should leave behind their idiosyncrasies and fixed opinion to rise to the occasion and bring out the truth! Let’s also understand- Modi’s victory or loss in the next general elections is not the end of it! If India could survive Mughals, Britishers and other invaders and exist after some of its finest sons and daughters like Pt Nehru, Shastri, Gandhi, Patel, Morarji, Rajiv, Indira, Jyoti Basu, MGR, Atal departed- it’s destiny is certainly not linked to Modi!

4 thoughts on “Why doesn’t the truth come out?

  1. Rightly said by you that India has survived many shocks before, and will survive regardless of whether Modi stays in power or not.


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