After Diwali

After celebrations reach a crescendo on Diwali day, everything seems to have come to a standstill. Some offices and geographies have an extended vacation and the offices that resume working the next day, like mine, virtually enjoy a disguised holiday with practically nothing happening. Of course, Diwali yet not ends for certain section of community- postman, chowkidar (security guards), house maids, servants, drivers, other helping hands who all are agog for their Diwali bakshish! Indeed, this spirit of real gifting to people who selflessly serve us throughout the year, making our lives easy, safe and comfortable is one of the finest aspects of this lovely festival.

The final leg of this festival period is Bhai Duj ( the second day after Diwali) celebrated as Tikka or Bhai Phota also all over the country. It’s a beautiful festival when sisters pray for the well being and prosperity of their brothers and brothers in turn reaffirm their love and affection for their sisters! For those not having real sister or brother, there is always extended family comprising cousins! Getting together on Bhai Duj and celebrating the festival in full spirit over sweets, special food and guffaws are the highlights of this very intimate and emotional festival.

By dedicating this blog to all the sisters, I finally end this series of blogs around Diwali and it’s festivity. May between this and next Diwali, all our problems, pains and miseries vanish into thin air so that we celebrate next Diwali again with same enthusiasm and zeal like we always do.

5 thoughts on “After Diwali

  1. A fitting finale to the Diwali Series Sir. Really enjoyed reading all of them. Your blogs at times pepper my thoughts like bullets from a machine gun. No pun intended.


  2. अरविंद सर !
    दीपावली पूर्व संध्या से लेकर दीपोत्सव उपरांत तक के विविध ब्लॉग के द्वारा आपने दीपावली के विविध आयामों पर आपने बड़ा ही सटीक एवम् मार्मिक विश्लेषण किया है ।जिसमें समाज में दीपोत्सव को मनाने की चलन में आए परिवर्तन का बड़ा ही सामाजिक एवम् आर्थिक आयाम का विश्लेषण सहज शब्दों में रखा है।

    निश्चय ही यह आपके
    बहुआयामी सोच का झलक है।
    आपकी यह मार्मिक अभिव्यक्ति सहज ही ही हमें सोचने को मजबुर करती है कि क्यों न शोर शराबे रहित विवध रगों से भरे रंगोलियों के बीच दिया के लव के बीच दीपावली मनाते हुए न केवल फिजूल खर्च से बचा जाए अपितु इस पैसे से किसी जरूरतमंद की सेवा भी हो सके जिससे दिया से दिया जल समाज में प्रकाश फैले और एक से दूसरे तक खुशियों का संचार हो । शायद यही प्रकाश उत्सव का सही मायने में इकोफ्रेंडली आयाम रहा होगा।


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