October Heat

That global warming is changing the climate world over is now a universal truth. Seasons are becoming shorter but more intense. So we have shorter summers now, but there are few days when mercury breaks all previous records. Similarly we have shorter monsoon, but there are periods of extreme flooding followed by long spell of dry days. Ditto winters.

October heat is typical of Mumbai, when post withdrawal of monsoon, humidity increases and temperatures rise. I think it is true almost all the seaside cities!

But when Delhiites talk of searing heat in October, it’s a clear sign of global warming’s adverse impact. Actually, October used to herald advent of autumn that was highlighted by warm days (not hot) and cool nights. In fact, we used to get 10 days of Dussehra holidays when several mohallas used to stage their version of Ramlila at nights. I clearly remember, going for these shows either wearing a light jacket or wrapping myself in a shawl and enjoying hot groundnuts! While sleeping, one required light blanket!

Where is the autumn now? I think that two seasons the have fallen victims of global warming are spring and autumn, those transitory seasons separating winter from summer and vice versa respectively. Now, suddenly in February, you feel like drinking cold water and fan breeze to kill afternoon heat! Similarly, one fine day in late November or early December, you suddenly start feeling the chill! India being a land that enjoys all 4 seasons will soon become a myth, consigned to folklore!

As Mumbai never really had any winters, this phenomenon does not seem as pronounced here as it seems in Delhi and other cities of North, East and Central India! But worry is worldwide as October heat is more severe and whatever semblance of winters that Mumbai had may soon vanish! Time for all of us to make our bit to the world’s environment.

4 thoughts on “October Heat

  1. Respected Sir, Rightly written by Yourself in favour of environment conservation. We at North India preferred winters ,due to suffering of heat of summers and hinderance caused working productively in day outside circa 1985 to 1999 my teenage/adolsence. October days were considered auspicious one to weather change coupled with gaiety of upcoming Dusshera and Diwali. Environmental changes as were foreseen due to less forests in region and global warming predictions became clearly visible last 10 years. I am aligned to conserve environment and will do something for plantation.


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