Westernised way of life

Rules are good for the society because if people stop following rules, there will be chaos. Traffic rules keep traffic moving and rules and law of the land keep a country moving.

However, there are several rules that our society has imposed on us. The genesis of these rules is not clear but the matter of the fact is that several of these rules and social norms have lost their relevance as the world has progressed. In India, family feeds and protects its youngsters till the youngsters grow, start earning and become independent. Many children from affluent families keep on stretching their student lives much beyond normal by randomly going in for an assortment of courses, including a degree from US, ultimately joining the family business! In contrast, youngsters in other countries become independent at much early stage in their lives and they take up sundry part time jobs to fund their higher studies themselves instead of depending on parents or family. In several countries, after schooling, youngsters have to undergo compulsory social and military training that’s extremely helpful in building character of the youth.

Because Indian parents support their young ones for long, there’s reverse expectation of children taking care of the oldsters when they are frail and without sustained income. When this is not fulfilled, it leads to parents becoming a burden and lot of heart burns!

Not everything Western is bad! In the matter of family, we Indians, who are very emotional, should not listen to our hearts, but our heads! We should encourage our children to start early in life by learning practical skills and take up sundry jobs so as to fund their own education themselves (by availing of educational loan, if fees are really high or education is to be pursued abroad) . Children should be supported till they finish their schooling and after that they should be encouraged to be in independent. This will encourage children to pursue the courses of their interest and small jobs (delivery boys, part time work in McDonald’s or Dominos or any office ) and inculcate a feeling of respecting dignity of labour! We shall be producing better humans and the society will become a more responsible and caring society. Parents instead should enjoy their lives before their knees start creaking and hosts of diseases impose hosts of restrictions! They should go globe trotting and try world cuisine, pursue hobbies and interests and socialise with friends! Also, they must save for old age so that if children don’t support, they can themselves hire full time help or fund their shifting to one of the several luxurious old age homes! Let’s change the way we think and become westernised in at least this matter.

2 thoughts on “Westernised way of life

  1. Respected Sir, Jai Hind! We adore your writing as if Apollo has shown suggested way of life. This is indeed required that we adopt westernised view of making child independent at their school college days. I also worked outside home during my college days to experience how to manage own study and work together ; imparting teachings to some school goers, gave me insights what it takes to make bread , how to teach and respect for others’ profession & occupation; at that juncture though money was not important but this inculcated hard work which was imminent in my future. I find few of new generations also doing same but when I see affluent families near to me they do not do adopt such principle as parents say to child “abhi to hum khila sakte hain-you just study or enjoy” or do not send for military training as it is not imposed in India.


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