Translated short story

“All the International financial superpowers should immediately stop dealing with USA”.

This exhortation by Pakistani Foreign Minister has completely caught US off guard and they are not knowing what to do?

“India should immediately refrain from providing safe sanctuary to terrorists.”

This warning by Pakistani President has caused drop dead silence in India.

“Israel should forthwith without further delay end Palestinian occupation and handover territory to them for self rule. ”

After Pakistani Prime Minister’s above statement on an international forum, a special emergency session of Israeli parliament has been convened.

“How Pakistan in such a short span has become a military and global super power?” – I asked my friend Dodo.

Dodo replied, “Five years ago a Messiah had come whose name was Imran Khan! ”

The story ends here.

The above story , though parochial from India’s perspective like all Pakistani propaganda and stories, very aptly captures the hopes and aspirations of average Pakistani, who has been promised a ” Naya Pakistan”. Doesn’t this bear eerie resemblance to India story when Modi took charge 4 years back?

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