Pakistan elections -2

In furtherance to my previous blog, another commonality between the two countries is total disillusionment of the populace with the politicians. This is a loose translation of how frivolous are the election promises as explained in a Pakistani Punjabi satirical poem. It reads:

Three streams flowed out of mighty river Ravi,

Two were dry and the third never flowed;

Three persons came to bathe in stream that never flowed,

Two drowned and third was never found.

One who was never found actually found three cows,

Two impotent and the third unable to bear calf;

One who wasn’t able to bear, gave birth to three calves;

Two were lame and the third was unable to get up;

One who was unable to get up was priced at three gold mohurs,

Two were fake and the third illegal tender;

One that was illegal was brought to three goldsmiths;

Two were blind and the third incapable of seeing;

One who was incapable of seeing anything got three blows;

Two were in the air and the third off target!!!!

Politicians must redeem themselves through their act and conduct, lest they be target of ridicule of masses, a result of their hopelessness, as expressed beautifully in the above satire.

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