Urdu humour

Two quick short stories from my favourite source of inspiration, Pakistani Urdu daily Jang’s daily feature “Story in 100 words”.

Story no. 1

My friend Dodo was very excited about the ongoing FIFA World Cup tournament. He was most excited about the two stars Messi and Ronaldo’s likely showdown in the quarterfinal playing for their respective teams Argentina and Portugal. I am hardly a sports aficionado and do not much understand or follow any sport except a bit of cricket. My response to Dodo’s enthusiasm was rather tepid. A couple of days ago I bumped into Dodo again and didn’t forget to check up with him the outcome of the likely showdown between the two soccer stars. This time Dodo’s response was rather lukewarm saying that “showdown did take place albeit not on the field but on the airport where both of them were taking return flights back home after premature exit of their respective teams. ”

Story no.2

My son returned from school and I enquired about his result. He sheepishly admitted the fact that the result was indeed out. “Is Dodo the topper like every time?” I asked. “No papa Dodo was sick and couldn’t write his exams”, my son replied, ” Then it must be Babloo”, I probed further. ” No, Babloo didn’t deposit fees so he was barred” replied my son. ” Oh, this would have given Pappu a godsend opportunity to top the tables this year? I questioned him again. “No Dad, his dad has been transferred “, replied my son rather tiredly. “How many students are there in your class? ” I asked wondering about the situation. ” I am the only one”, my son murmured. “Oh, I see so you are the topper?” ” No dad I have failed “!

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