What’s in a name?

Yesterday I was reading an article in the Economic Times that explained why Modicare programme of the Federal Government might not be getting readily accepted, especially in the non BJP states. For them Mamtacare, Naiducare or Kejriwalcare would sound better names. Whether it’s adopting a programme or name of a place- politicians cutting across ideology display the same hue!

When we used to study geography, we were taught that India had 4 international airports – Santa Cruz, Palam, Meenambakkam and Dumdum. Today this answer will fetch me zero marks as all these airports have been renamed. High Courts of Chennai and Mumbai are Madras and Bombay High Courts, though I am not sure whether Calcutta High Court has been able to retain its original name.

Pedder Road, Crawford Market, VT, Altamount Road, Flora Fountain, Connaught Place, Duplex Road etc. still exist but you may not be able to reach there with the original names.

The names have been changed purportedly to change the slave mentality that these were representative of. But change has to be inner and not cosmetic. We would be truly liberated when we get over female foeticide, dowry deaths, casteism, communal hatred, dirty habits etc. Till that time whether we call it Swachch Bharat or Clean India, it hardly makes a difference. Not these names but our own thoughts are representative of our slave mentality.

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