Quotable quotes

Quotable quotes outside the city churches are always delight to read for these are witty, informative and quite profound in their meaning at the same time. I have always been fond of reading these messages whether I was passing by the church at Gol Dakkhana in Delhi or Mahim, Dadar and Ville Parle churches in Mumbai. There are three recent and not so recent quotes that readily come to my mind for having left a deep and lasting impression on my mind.

(1) We are a Facebook church; we see his face and read his book.

This is very topical and conveys a wholly new perspective of social media, especially at this time when ills of social media are being hotly debated.

(2) We always love to “Rest in peace (RIP)” but never “Live in peace”.

This is a fantastic thought that hits you like a sharp edged sword! In our death we rest in peace but in our lives, we resent others who are more successful than us, treat low down people with disdain, fear our insecurities and fight in the name of religion, caste, creed and nationality! We strive for everything- success, money, assets etc and tend to possess almost everything we aspire or once aspired for and yet peace eludes us to be ours only in our eternal sleep!

(3) Love people God has given because one day he will need them back.

We take our relationships for granted. In our rat race, we seldom have time for our aged parents, friends, siblings or other relatives, but we lament their loss. How good it would be if could share our and their joys and sorrows and treat them as gift of good to us!

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