Marriage woes!

There’s lot of humour around marriage and especially the married man, who loses his bachelorhood for particularly nothing in return! Or at least that’s how it is made out to be! This is punjabi humour doing rounds in social media on the subject, which I have tried to translate for the enjoyment of those not familiar with punjabi. Of course, translation can never fully capture the real essence of the original language and I am no great translator either. But I still hope, you will enjoy this attempt of mine to capture rustic nuances of the original poetry.

What was the big deal in getting married?

Friends’ warning was exaggerated

I never felt burdened or harried!

i enjoy the very sight of my bride;

And agree totally by always being on her side!

Who doesn’t have to do household jobs?

Afterall these cannot be done by outside mobs!

While she is in her early morning sleep;

I give our love home a quick sweep.

And then wake her up with a cup of hot tea

To ensure she doesn’t have any other necessity!

And while she is busy with her morning hygiene ;

Time enough for me to prepare tasty cuisine.

Thats my tiffin and her lunch,

You will agree this is not doing too much!

I am happy to be back home in time for making the dinner;

Afterall she is tired by resting the whole day

And I don’t want her to slog now and become thinner!

Doing utensils is hardly a bother;

While she watches TV,

The task is quickly over!

And washing clothes is so easy

you just need to put them in machine,

For which one is never too busy!

And then it’s time to sleep;

She doesn’t expect much but for an oil massage and a bit of affection;

Hope now you believe that friends’ warning

was nothing but exaggeration!!!!!😀😀😀😀

15 thoughts on “Marriage woes!

  1. Nice and witty poem. However, on a serious note, I would rather call it Marriage delights for what a woman gives to a man.


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