But where are the Indians?

There are rightists,

there are leftists,

there are centralists,

but where are the Indians?

When a baby to be cuddled is raped,

She is a Hindu or a Muslim first

rather than a victim of lust,

But where are the Indians?

Unemployment is a national problem,

Though Job seekers are casteists,

And Reservationists are Dalits,

But where are the Indians?

Kashmir, Naxalism and lawlessness are nothing new,

but certain terms being heard now were earlier heard by few,

Noisemakers are there all over,

But where are the Indians?

Scams, rapes, murders have taken morality to new low,

Nationalists, Honest people, simpletons seem to have taken a bow,

Rabble rousers seem to be the new citizens,

But where are the Indians?

But communities have always lived together in peace,

Krishna, Allah, Nanak & Jesus have held this nation in one piece,

the sagacity and sanity shall prevail once again here and there

And we shall see the Indians everywhere!!!!!P

4 thoughts on “But where are the Indians?

  1. Today’s reality professed in poetic form with a longing for getting back to our original identity.


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