While the world at large is rejoicing at the passage of 2020 and transition to 2021, not everyone shares this optimism and joy. For many, who have been badly bruised and battered by Covid 19, the path to recovery is going to be uncertain and long drawn and that too if Corona does not spread its fangs by way of more vicious strains.

I sometimes follow Urdu press for their poeticism. Came across a couplet in one of the Urdu publications that captured the circumspection of a large population to the premature celebration and optimism around 2021. The couplet reads:

दुनिया गुजर रही है रोज़ आज़माइशों से

है किस तरफ़ न जाने रुख़ वक़्त की नदी का

हम दो दहाईयों से है अबतला में और अब

इक्कीसवाँ साल है इक्कीसवीं सदी का ।।

The above is loosely translated as below:

World is facing new challenges each day

Only God knows what will be future’s way

For last two decades we have faced only trials and tribulations and no deterrent

Will this 21st year of 21st century be any different?

Let’s not presume that with change in calendar date, all is going to be automatically well! We shall have to continue with the new lifestyle post Corona and not revert to our old habits. We will have to respect nature and respect fellow humans for this Covid has been a great leveller and we need to imbibe the reality without any qualms or doubts!

Happy new year once again to my readers.

6 thoughts on “2021

  1. Sir, Didn’t know that you have interest in Urdu shayri also. Very versatile. I am amazed. Waqt pe ek Sher peshe khidmat hai.
    “Ye mohabbat ka fasana bhi badal jayega, waqt ke se zamana bhi badal jayega”


  2. Sir, was nice to read the urdu lines along with its translation (more importantly since I couldn’t otherwise understand the entire stanza).

    Also, on similar lines, what comes to my mind is “Mazaa to tab hai jab haal badle…. saal to har saal badalta hai”


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